Proposed changes to future releases of Caché and Ensemble

About this blog

In our efforts to improve communications between InterSystems and our customers, we have launched a blog to discuss certain upcoming changes to InterSystems’ technologies and products.  In particular, we will highlight changes that could impact existing applications and deployments.   Our goal is to give you sufficient advanced notification of such changes so that you can prepare and also let us know how our proposals will impact you.

This blog is publicly readable. However, commenting on the blog postings is restricted to supported InterSystems customers only.  Customers with a valid WRC Online account may use their login information to comment on the postings.   If you are a supported customer and do not have a WRC Online login (or have forgotten it), please contact for assistance.

Customers who wish to comment privately on these posts  should contact development either through their account team or through the Worldwide Response Center (